1. Logging in

Choose your log in method or click SIGN UP.

2. Registrinng and Event

  1. If you have an account with SOFEA Run, click Log In to log into your account. If not, click SIGN UP and be our member.
  2. Click on the RACES button to view the list of our ongoing and upcoming races.
  3. Select the race that you wish to join.Click on the JOIN NOW button to register for the selected race.
  4. Fill in your Personal Info. Then click NEXT to proceed.
  5. Fill in your Mailing Address and clicks SUBMIT to complete the registration process.



1. What is Virtual Race?

A virtual race is an event where you can run reach your targeted distance anywhere at any time within the virtual race. You can run or walk in your pace.

SOFEA Run users will earn awesome medals while exploring events that centre around ASEAN’s People, Place and Practice.


2. How does SOFEA Run work?

  1. Choose your race
  2. Fill in your details
  3. Complete your race
  4. Receive your SOFEA Run goodies!
  5. Pick your next race

3. Who can participate?

We encourage participants of all ages and ability levels to participate in our events.


4. Can I sign up my friends and family using my account?

Only one user per account is allowed for registration.


5. Can I use treadmill etc. to complete the run?

Yes, you can user the indoor run function.


6. If I have questions, what should I do?

For inquiries, please email us at  or visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more info.



1. Do I have to complete the entire distance at once?

SOFEA Run is flexible. We want you to enjoy your running session, it is up to you to complete it all at once or take your time, as long as you are able to finish the run!


2. How do I track my distance and time?

SOFEA Run comes with its own system to track your distance and time. Select RUN, push on THE RUNNING ICON and you’re good to go!

SOFEA Run will prompt you a pop-up notification if you exceeded the speed limit.


3. Can I run more than my registered distance?

Yes! There is no limitation when running. Be sure to submit your result to us!



1. What are the available payment methods?

We accept payments via: 

  1. Credit Card
  2. Debit Card
  3. Online Banking


2. What happens if the payment is declined?

Please email us at , we will take action immediately!


3. Where can I get the tracking number for delivery?

We will email the tracking number to your registered email address once we deliver your medallion.


4. How much does it cost for delivery?

The price that you pay is inclusive of delivery for all countries within ASEAN.

If you are from outside ASEAN, you will be charged additional USD 5 for the delivery.


5. When will I receive my medallion and merchandise?

It will normally take 21 business days to deliver your medals.


I received the wrong/damaged medallion, what can I do?

Please email us at , we will take action immediately!